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University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business

Website Design and Development
Our new website did its job in a big and bold way with large pictures, social media streams and responsive web design. All of our Smith Terps now know the four branding pillars: world-class faculty and research, community, experiential learning, and entrepreneurial spirit.
Alyssa Arford, Director of Online Strategy

More Than Just a Website Redesign

The University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business is one of the nation's top-ranked business schools, but judging from its old website, you wouldn't know it. The root issue, though, wasn't just the medium, it was the message.

The Importance of Knowing Your Brand

Our listening tour with key stakeholders uncovered that even senior leaders were unclear as to the foundational pillars of the school's brand. Everyone agreed that Smith was a world-class business school, but what exactly made Smith different from its prestigious competitors?

Brand Pillars and Attributes

VisionPoint and the Smith School identified and honed four brand pillars which, taken together, illuminated the very essence that made Smith different from its peers.

Telling an Authentic Story

To reinforce the brand pillars, VisionPoint incorporated the brand into the information architecture, content strategy and visual design of the website.

The World Class Representation of a World-Class Business School

By uniting stakeholders around the attributes and differentiators that set Smith apart from its peers, the new website sparked a culture shift that extends far beyond just the website.

Living the Brand Beyond the Website

The brand has permeated the entire school, from its website content strategy to posters of the Brand Pillars and Attributes hung throughout Van Munching Hall. There's even a travel-sized copy tucked into the Dean’s suit jacket pocket.

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