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Virginia Tech

Website Design and Development
VisionPoint makes a concerted effort to focus on the needs of the end user. Their strategy and focus on those needs drives them to come up with creative solutions that often exceed expectations.
John Jackson, Director of Web Communications

A World-Class Research University

Virginia Tech is internationally recognized for its research and unique blend of arts and technology. When your vision is to be among the best in the world, the standards are as high as they come.

When We First Met

Virginia Tech's web presence needed to better align with the university's vision, brand and content strategy.

Cutting Through the Clutter

User testing uncovered that the website had become a bulletin board rather than a strategic marketing platform. The Virginia Tech brand and vision were lost in the clutter.

A Modular Design Approach

We created a scalable, modular design allowing for different types of content on the homepage. For instance, the “Spotlight” section displays featured stories, using one of three different layouts depending on the content's size and substance.

A Flexible Solution

The modular approach serves content in a way that’s “chunky” and easily consumed by Virginia Tech’s primary audiences. It also provides flexibility to internal content contributors who can now assign different “priorities” to content by fine-tuning placement and orientation on the University’s homepage.

A Vehicle for Storytelling

The website's content strategy allows for storytelling that reinforces the university's world-class brand and vision for the future.

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