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Process & Approach


No matter the project, we begin every client partnership with a thoughtful research and strategy phase, defining together the goals we will pursue and the strategic direction by which we’ll achieve them. From that point forward, every idea, every creative choice, every metric, every decision is rooted in and inspired by that thoughtful, goal-driven strategy.


If vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others, as Jonathan Swift put it, then creativity at VisionPoint is the art of bringing strategic vision to life. From websites to ad campaigns, from brand platforms to viewbooks and everything in between, we create work that’s not just beautiful, but effective. Every deliverable is designed to bring strategy to life in ways that achieve our clients’ goals.


Winning creative awards is affirming, but the true measure of success is whether the creative strategies we execute actually achieve our clients’ goals. We take a proactive approach to measuring results, establishing and tracking key performance indicators early and often and iterating as we go to ensure that we don’t just meet our goals, we exceed them.